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All dimensions, tolerances and configurations are functions of the thickness of the material being photo etched and should be considered during the design process.

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Custom Photo Etched Screen, Mesh, Filter and Grids

Writer: admin; Source:SinoGuide Team; Date:2017-08-04

Summary: Etching perforated metal products are ideal for making metal meshes, screens, grids and filters with precision and small holes. Stainless Steel Perforated Metal Etching Mesh

Commonly misrepresented as a prototyping technology, photo etching is, in fact, a versatile and increasingly sophisticated metal machining technology, with an ability to mass manufacture complex and feature-rich metal parts and components. Using photo-resist and etchants to chemically machine selected areas accurately, the process is characterised by retention of material properties, burr free and stress-free parts with clean profiles, and no heat-affected zones.

Stainless Steel Perforated Metal Etching Mesh

Stainless Steel Perforated Metal Etching Mesh

Photo etching is used extensively in manufacturing custom meshes, filters and sieves as unlike conventional machining technologies the process offers unlimited complexity. Etching perforated metal products are ideal for making metal meshes, screens, grids and filters with precision and small holes. The minimum diameter of the hole size can be as small as 110% of metal thickness and the minimum ligature between holes can be equal to metal thickness.
Stainless steel filter processed by photo etching will not deform
Photo etching is used to produce consistent small holes for filtering or other purposes. In contrast to mechanical perforating processes such as punching, stamping or laser cutting, photo etching leaves no burrs and causes stress concentration and deformation.
Photo etched stainless steel filter for very small holes

Steel, nickel, copper, brass and aluminum plates can be photo etched for various configurations of holes. They can be used in battery plates, deposition masks, filtration and decorative screens.
SinoGuide main products are diversified wire mesh including stainless steel wire mesh, woven wire mesh , brass and phosphor bronze wire mesh , bolting cloth,plain steel wire cloth, galvanized square wire mesh, window screening, hexagonal wire netting, chain link fence , welded mesh, metal mesh discs,wire mesh machines and so on.

Product Description:
Process: photo etching;
Material: stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum and so on;
Usages: filter, screen or other purposes;
Customized service available.

At SinoGuide Technology, we have committed ourselves to providing our customers with innovative engineering, the highest precision, uncompromising quality, and unparalleled customer services. Precision, quality and value begin with engineering. SinoGuide's engineering staff offers etching and design assistance.  

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