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Our custom solutions give you a competitive edge. For more than 10 years, SinoGuide have excelled in creating customer specific manufacturing solutions for precision etched components

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Photo chemical etching technology as a advanced metal processing can etched high precision metal parts, and photo chemical milling used for many different industry, we use photo chemical milling make many metal parts, such as grid, grille, mesh and shims, gaskets and ect.

"Designing New Products and Solutions"

We know that timeliness is critical. Designing new products and solutions from scratch is all very well, but the designs need to be proven in real world situations. And they need to be proven fast. That’s where SinoGuide’s capabilities are truly world class, and where we continue to invest in our service. We work with our customers at the earliest stages of the design cycle. From an initial concept we can prototype new designs at incredible speed – sometimes even within 24-hours – thanks to our highly skilled design engineers, harnessing our expertise and delivering via our local teams.

Rapid Prototyping Capabilities- Rapid Prototyping and Full-scale Production

Rapid Prototyping Photo Etching Parts

Model Solution’s rapid prototyping capabilities enhances existing design innovation and manufacturing proficiencies within Sinoguide to deliver a wider portfolio of capabilities to customers. 

Superior Service and speed of delivery

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Photo Etching In China – The Best Choose!

SinoGuide manufactures formed parts by combining photoetching, used for blanking, with inexpensive or universal tooling, used for forming. This method produces burr-free parts in intricate and complex designs and shapes. It also makes it possible to prove your design in preproduction quantities without having to commit to expensive, progressive die tooling. Visit our Flat Design Guide and Formed Design Guide for complete specifications. Sinoguide have a great cultural synergy with a strong customer focus. We are committed to providing the highest quality products while delivering all aspects of innovation, reliable fulfillment and speed to give customers reliability in manufacturing, leading designs with superior service and speed of delivery. 


If your business is in need of a high quality and cost-effective photo chemical machining service, then SinoGuide have the solution to your problem.

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