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Customized Stainless Steel Acid Etched Plate

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Stainless Steel Acid Etched Plate

Precision Stainless Steel Photo Etching Plates


SinoGuide uses chemical etching to produce a broad range of stainless steel plates, from decorative elevator panels to aerospace components and everything in-between. We work with stainless steel in numerous grades, and can help you determine which grade is best-suited to your unique application.


Photo chemical machining stainless steel is a cost effective and easily repeatable process for manufacturing even the most complex parts. Parts are burr-free, with no heat affected zones and no negative effects on surface finish. We can use half or partial etching techniques to produce intricate details such as lettering or logos that vary in thickness but do not penetrate the material completely.


We have a large, readily available inventory of stainless steel in various grades, and can provide the materials your application requires. We can also work with customer supplied materials in stainless steel photo etching projects.

 state-of-the-art photo etching equipment

SinoGuide employs state-of-the-art photo etching equipment to achieve an outstanding combination of edge quality, tolerances, and feature sizes in a wide variety of metals. Photo chemical milling offers high precision and detailed shapes in thin metal sheets, free of burrs. The process is particularly competitive for complex shapes. The chemical process can make almost any 2D shape in relatively thin gauge sheet metal, typically 0.001" to 0.050" thick. Applications include gaskets, electrical shields, works of art, optical interrupters, shims, eraser shields, etc.


Request a quote today, or contact SinoGuide to learn more about photo chemical machining stainless steel plates.

SinoGuide Technology is a leader in photo chemical machining and photo etching of precision thin metal parts. Some of the industries and product types served include: antenna systems, EMI and RFI shielding, PCB stiffeners, flex, rigid-flex circuits, sculptured flex, interconnect, laser, defense, dental, medical, instrumentation, military, ordinance, optical, robotics, power semiconductor, semiconductors, RFID, RF, microwave, solar and solar cells industry, and other high tech OEMs involved in leading edge technologies. 

SinoGuide Technology photochemical machining, chem milling, photo etching, chemical blanking of precision thin metal parts and etched antenna geometry patterns and assemblies for the world.




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