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All dimensions, tolerances and configurations are functions of the thickness of the material being photo etched and should be considered during the design process.

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Cheap Aluminum Photo Etching in China

Writer: admin; Source:SinoGuide Team; Date:2017-07-24

Summary: Aluminum Photo Etching in China, Aluminum Photo Etching Specialists SinoGuide offers the best Aluminum etching services in China. If you need low cost etching services, visit our website or call us for more.

Light-weight and versatile, aluminum can be a very challenging metal for photoetching. It wants to oxidize rapidly and becomes fuel for the etching process. SinoGuide has dedicated equipment and process metrics for chemical etching aluminum which contributes to the quality and consistency of our precision aluminum products.
Developed by a metallurgist, our etching solution buffers the reaction, allowing for successful and consistent etching of aluminum. SinoGuide's proprietary solution is unmatched by any other etchant.

Specialist Chemical Milling & Etching of Aluminum Metal Parts

Aluminum Photo Etching Specialists Serves Many Industrial Applications

Due to its properties, including high temperature resistance, high strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance, aluminum is used in a wide variety of applications. It is used to manufacture covers and shields, lids and shims, often for high wear components. Etched aluminum parts can be tin plated, which allows them to become solderable. They are widely used in the aerospace and defense industries due to their light weight and high strength properties.

OEMs across a wide variety of industries rely on chemically etched precision parts.  Some of the industries served include:
Aerospace and Defense
Semiconductors and Microelectronics
Medical and Scientific
Instruments and Controls
Sensors and MEMS
Power Generation and Storage

Dedicated Photo Chemical Machining Facilities and Equipment
Photo chemical etching, like other precision metal fabricating processes, requires an extensive suite of specialized facilities and equipment, and a team of trained and experienced operators.

Photochemical etching is often a superior alternative for non-conventional fabricating of aluminum.
Our aluminum etching capability is industry-leading. Other photoetching companies come to us when they need photo etched aluminum. Call us at 755-89375091 or email your drawings and we will be happy to answer your questions.

An extensive range of metals in various degrees of hardness and thickness are held in stock ready to meet a Rapid Delivery service. Metal thickness of 0.012 to 1.5 mm is suitable for through etching, while any thickness of sheet material can be surface etched.

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