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All dimensions, tolerances and configurations are functions of the thickness of the material being photo etched and should be considered during the design process.

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Our Factory With Advanced Equipment, Environmental System

Writer: admin; Source:SinoGuide Team; Date:2015-06-05

Summary: Advanced Equipment,Innocative Technology,Wastewater Treatment System,Our Factory has also been recognized for its environmental stewardship by the City of Dongguan

Advanced Laser Photo Plotters and CAD Software

SinoGuide's history of engineering excellence ensures that your concept and design will be understood as SG-etch's design staff offers unparalleled photo-etching expertise that adds value while lowering total project costs.  

With SinoGuide’s adoption of the most advanced laser photo plotters and CAD software, the precision tooling department creates production photo-tooling in as little as 45 minutes. Customer drawings and/or drawing files are carefully recreated, and features are compensated, to allow for the inherent undercutting that results from the etching process. All photo tooling is inspected and adheres to the firm’s quality ISO 9001-2008 system.  

Advanced Equipment, Innocative Technology, Wastewater Treatment System

We specifically to provide the electronics and related industries with high precision photo chemically machined metal parts. Because of SG-etch is a leading manufacture in China, the firm enabled up and coming high tech industries to commercialize their inventions and get their product to market faster utilizing the innovative chemical etching process.

SinoGuide's etch division utilizes the unique technology of photo chemical etching in combination with trade secret knowledge to provide parts of precise tolerances made from common to exotic metals for the automotive, aerospace, battery, fuel cell, medical apparatus and implants, microelectronics, water desalinization, and wind power industries that in turn enables these industries to provide safe, secure and cost effective “green” solutions.

We are required by advanced equipment, innocative technology, wastewater treatment systemOur Factory has also been recognized for its environmental stewardship by the City of Dongguan. In 2015 the Dongguan government presented SG factory an award for “outstanding achievement in toxic use reduction” . Today, Our etching factory uses off-contact cooling for its equipment derived with minimal carbon emissions and uses no ozone depleting chemicals in its processes. SG is driven to involve all three of its core values – people, engineering, and innovation – to safely provide 100% customer satisfaction in a cost effective manner.

Ultimate Blend of art and Technolgoy:

“our process, which is the ultimate blend of art and technology, results in no burrs, no stresses, no effect on magnetic properties, no deformation, no tool wear and the ability to machine to precise depths measured in tens of thousands on even the most demanding of materials from aluminum to titanium.”

100% unconditional guarantee:

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