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Precision Metal Encoder Disk Etched Parts

Product Presentation
metal encoder disk etched parts

Precision Parts - High accuracy of details

precision encoder disk
Compared to any other type of mechanical treatment, chemical etching makes high-precision components

Prototype Very Quickly

chemical etching prototype
Thanks to this tecnology we can prototype very quickly and we are flexible about ordered quantities. Moreover, thanks to chemical etching any material keep its stability during and after the treatments

SG-Etch has a full in-house plating and mechanical finishing facility. This includes Gold, Nickel, Electroless Nickel, Copper, Tin, and Tin-lead plating, plus solder hot oil reflow. Electropolishing, surface polishing, and vibratory tumbling are part of the finishing department. SG-Etch's masking skills can be used for selective plating.

Since many years, our customers have been trusting us for the manufacturing and production of encoder disk (incremental or absolute encoding).
Due to the flexibility of our production methods, we are able to propose encoder disks on several substrate of different diameters, according to your specifications.

Field of application - Apertures and Optical Applications

Encoder disks produced in our workshops are used in many fields such as robotics, servo controls, etc. Chemical etching is a superior method to make apertures or other parts used in optical applications. The process creates precise openings to your exact specifications. Parts are created without burrs. Burrs can affect the size and shape of the opening and flatness of a part. In addition, when the undesired material is dissolved instead of stamping or machined away, there is no work hardening to the edges which could affect the performance of the part.

Technical data

Encoder disk on film substrate
Thickness of film: 0.18 mm
Diameter: 3 to 120 mm
Min. split: 0.02 mm

1. Material:

stainless steel, nickel, and beryllium copper.


2. Thickness: .002'', .004'' , .005'', .006'' or thicker

3. Tolerance: +/-0.05 mm

4. Types of chemical etching encoder disk














Hollow Bore





About SinoGuide

Sinoguide is a leading developer and manufacturer of products in the field of photochemical etching, world leader in custom manufactured high-precision, very thin products. Sinoguide is known for offering the fastest lead-time of samples in 2 ~3 days from blueprint to shipment and excellent customer service as well as producing top quality thin metal etached parts. 

If you are interested in custom Precision Metal Encoder Disk, please send us the CAD drawings (2D and 3D), we will evaluate them and quote you reasonable prices with a satisfied solution.




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